Electronic Organica

28th May 2010

Electronic Organica V - at Briton's Protection.

Featuring VLK, Graham Dunning and Electronic Organica Ensemble

Originally, Thee Moths were scheduled to perform at this event - unfortunately the appearance was canceled. Graham Dunning kindly stepped in at very short notice to play a 'replacement' solo set.

Here is Ian's summary of the event, which can also be found on Facebook :

Another great night and a big thankyou to everyone who came and supported it.

The night opened with an impromptu quartet consisting of

Abigail Sanders - french horn
Grahan Dunning - turntables
Richard Kinight - laptop
Ian Simpson - electronics

They provided dark electronic textures / glitches overlayed with haunted acoustical drones from Abi.

Graham Dunning contructed a stuuning solo piece from altered records and modified electronics which he combined with the street noise from outside the venue (in real time). Mesmeric crackles and glitches, trawled through lost / found sounds and late evening city ambience (with the added extra of the reflected light from traffic on the rooms ceiling) found me drifting in some kind of multi layered time warp of long forgotten sounds.

VLK are a trio of improvisors who meld laptop drone, digital electronica and acoustic percussion into a dangerous unsettling sonic cocktail (in a very good way that is!!). They played in complete darkness (apart from the glow of laptop screens) which added to the overall enveloping nature of their performance. Peaks of searing digital noise, troughs of delicate electronic drones were interspersed with electroacoustic fractured beats which seemed to start in a different building and then creep through the walls unnoticed until it was too late. 45 minutes of bliss ...........

Thanks to VLK for coming all the way from London to play this night (for very very little money) and thanks to Graham Dunning for providing a last minute solo set to fill in for Thee Moths who didnt make it.

So the next Electronic Organica will be in July and it'll be our first birthday !!!!