Electronic Organica

1st October 2010

Unfortunately the gig scheduled for this date was canceled at last minute due to a venue double-booking.

After arriving uncannily early for setting-up, a series of people oozing an aroma of literature descended upon the room, which aroused concern and suspicion. It turned out that they have a continuous booking of the first Friday of every month for their story-telling session. What's more, they have had the first Friday of every month for seventeen years!

With a reputation that solid, regardless of any payments laid down, there was no way Electronic Organica could prevail.

This arose due to a slightly late EO event - two weeks later than initially anticipated at the booking stage, and we weren't made aware of the implication until the night.

Gary Fisher, Noise Club and the EO Ensemble were due to play, all of whom we're sure you'll be able to see at an Electronic Organica event in the near future.