Electronic Organica

28th January 2011

Electronic Organica IX


Boswellia (Pascal Nichols and Stuart Arnot)

Idyllic pairing of percussionist Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides) and Stuart Arnot (Smear Campaign, Plum Slate).

"Since Chris Corsano has returned to the US... Pascal Nichols has inherited the golden drum stool as the UKs premier young improvising percussionist" - The Wire

His (Arnot's) atonal blasts of sound are made by trumpet, contact mic'd acoustic guitar or whatever he finds to hand on any given day. A thinking person's noise terrorist - Manchester Music

http://www.myspace.com/par twildhorsesmaneonbothsides

http://www.myspace.com/sme ar_campaign

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher is a Manchester based sound and visual artist who works within a continuous process of experimentation and enquiry focussed around investigatory or instinctive responses to sounds, objects, words and images. The work explores amplification of surfaces, textures and objects, combining found materials and re-appropriating found objects and technologies for use as instruments or noise-makers. The process includes, sound recording, collecting, archiving, drawing, construction, photography, and text. It generates many outcomes including live performance, sound installation, CD or tape recordings, graphic scores. Sometimes the line between research and outcome is not clear and often they are the same. Objects, images, sound recordings and live performances may be seen as individual pieces in their own right as well as parts of a bigger 'work in progress' that is the process itself. ....


Electronic Organica Ensemble
Richard Knight, Ian Simpson and Dave Birchall)

(Richard) Knight's unique method uses mixing desks as sound sources: a typically passive audio device subverted to become an expressive instrument (Concrete Moniker - 2010). (Ian) Simpson's source material comes not from the inside of a physics lab but the natural world: birds shriek and water crashes, processed into something altogether more alien as his hands wander around a table containing what looks like the contents of the world's coolest shed (Cath Aubergine - 2010).
Dave Birchall is interested in exploring the guitars total tonal possibilities through tunings, integration of melodic and abstract sounds and preparations.

Electronic Organica - "Manchester's most avant garde music session" (Manchester Music - 2010).